SETREM was Founded in 1981 by Claude and Brigitte Sailly and initially with 4 employees. SETREM (Société d'EETude REalisation Montage) is located in Pas-de-Calais in Saint-Laurent Blangy. Today it employs 35 people. Since July 2009, this family company has been passed on to Maxime and Jean-Charles Sailly, who, in association with Mademoiselle Dominique Dobin, form the new Management team.

Another important fact of 2009: the obtaining of Health and Safety Environment certification according to the common MASE / UIC standard, symbol of the change in continuity. This human-sized structure has always favored quality work, in a family policy, promoting listening between employees and management, and with as a lever for progress, a strong implication in continuous improvement.


In 2019, by purchasing the industrial insulation and scaffolding installation activities of the company MEYER, active for more than 57 years, SETREM becomes SETREM-MEYER and is now able to provide its customers with global solutions, in a desire to diversify of its activities but also in order to meet the expectations of its customers who wish to limit their number of interlocutors, with a concern for quality and above all for mastering HSE issues.


In 2014, SETREM extended its approach to continuous improvement of safety and quality by engaging in a certification process according to ISO 9001. Given the high level of requirements imposed on our products, we must guarantee excellent control of our processes to ensure the final quality of our products.


Setrem Infos

SETREM, Claude Sailly made, in 1981, the choice of quality made in France., a guarantee of quality in the face of competition, French fashion since 1981 ...

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Management and monitoring system for our equipment - SETREM has just adopted an innovative management and monitoring solution for its equipment and consumables, mainly those intended for construction sites.

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MASE certification - MASE certification aims to reduce risks at work, whatever the activity of the company.

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Setrem: Immercurien know-how is exported - Setrem is featured on the Saint Laurent Blangy site with the visit of the Mayor, Nicolas Desfachelles.

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Saint-Laurent-Blangy : Des marchés et des projets dans le chaudron de la Setrem.

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